Council History

Council 10834 was formed by 30 members of
the Lansing Saint Francis De Sales church on March 22, 1992.

First recorded meeting was on May 20, 1992.
Certification of First Degree Team February 04, 1997

Founding Members
Ronald E. BishopAlbert A. Bodde
Stephen W. BrodersonWilliam t. Carsins
Matthew A. DeMariaRonald D. Eustis
Kevin R. GardnerDaniel D. Gilligan
Gary T. GlynnGeoffrey L. Greetham
Donald R. HassThomas L. Hansen
Clarence P. HuyckeAllen A. Lechner
Donald G. LordReverend Charles T. McGinn
James W. OnelloJohn R. Orkwis
William D. PowersWilfred H. Rettele
Wilfred W. RetteleRobert C. Riese
John L. RoveroMichael W. Smith
Frank T. StraithRobert T. Straub
Francis X. ThorneJames H. Townsend
Robert S. WagnerDavid E. Young